Room Alert 4ER Monitor

AVTECH’s Room Alert 4E/4ER is an economical environment monitor that meets more focused needs. It monitors your facility for temperature and up to 3 more environment conditions of your choice. Our standard package includes 1 external Digital Temperature Sensor.

Want to respond to alert conditions by turning electrical devices on and off? This model additionally features a dedicated custom port for AVTECH’s Relay Switch or Light Tower w/ Audio. No adapter is needed, which is easier on your budget!

The 4ER version has a removable rack mount and fits 1U of space in a server cabinet; the 4E version can hang from a ceiling or on a wall from its wall mount. One unit covers smaller spaces by itself; multiple can canvas larger areas. This unit is at home in small computer rooms and large data centers, modest storage spaces and sprawling warehouses alike!

Use Room Alert 4ER Monitor on its own or pair it with these powerful platforms!

Trigger alerts, reminders and “all-clears” in response to environmental thresholds that you set.

Receive alerts in the best format for you! E-mail, text message, visual/audible signal, HTTP post inclusive by SNMP trap.

View sensor readings on an easy-to-read web interface—over the Internet or on your local network.

Compile, graph and download historical sensor data to spot trends in your environment.

Power Room Alert 4E/4ER with included 5V power adapter.

Video introduction to Room Alert 4ER