Backup for Microsoft 365 contacts and calendars, VMware Cloud Director Backup, Storage Snaphots Backup and Direct Connect for MSPs.

What's new in V10.3?

Backup for Microsoft 365 Contacts and Calendars

Back up Exchange Online contacts and calendars along with your mailbox folders to keep them safe and accessible. Recover contacts and calendar items to the original or a different mailbox in the Microsoft 365 account.

Backup from Storage Snapshots

Back up your VMware VMs hosted on a HPE 3PAR storage device from storage snapshots instead of regular VM snapshots to reduce the load on the production environment

VMware Cloud Director Backup

Back up and recover VMware Cloud Director objects, including vApps, individual VMs and vApp metadata, and restore them to the Cloud Director hierarchy.

Direct Connect for MSPs

Establish a secure connection to remote resources via a direct single port connection, without having to establish a VPN connection.

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