SilTerra integrates compatible and economical cloud storage with Wasabi and Nakivo

In this success story, Rozaimi Ahmad, Data Center Team Lead at SilTerra, explains how the company integrates storage with Nakivo and Wasabi solutions. SilTerras is a company that develops cutting-edge sensor and chip technologies for innovative applications in a range of industries, from IoT and consumer electronics to data communications, healthcare and automotive.

Implementing a fast and reliable storage and backup solution in compliance with stringent ISO requirements was crucial for SilTerra’s business. The company needed a data storage partner as innovative as itself.

ISO security standard drives the need to simplify data storage and backup processes

SilTerra found that its expensive on-site storage system could no longer meet its needs. “All of SilTerra’s data was kept physically on site,” said Rozaimi Ahmad, head of the data center team in SilTerra’s IT department. “We were constantly uploading data to our tape library and external disks, but it’s well known that over time tapes deteriorate and keeping everything categorized so that it can be easily found again was proving to be time-consuming. We needed to ensure that the data remained safe, intact and recoverable.”

However, whatever approach was adopted, SilTerra’s key metrics also had to be met. The company carried out exhaustive research into storage capacity, data upload and download speeds and, above all, the prices of cloud products. “Wasabi was the most attractive solution for SilTerra because of its price predictability,” said Ahmad. “Wasabi’s simple pricing made it an easy choice for SilTerra’s management team.”

“Since Wasabi was introduced to our infrastructure, copying backup data to the cloud has become an ongoing process that saves us time so we can focus on developing innovations with our customers,” said Ahmad. He added that the adoption of secure cloud storage has ensured that the company meets the capacity and data localization requirements of ISO 27001. “Sending data to Wasabi makes it easier to track for certification purposes. It’s very clear.”

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Nakivo’s affordable backup software create a robust and secure data management process

SilTerra configured its solution using Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage with S3 Object Lock, Nakivo backup software and OneT as a managed service provider (MSP). The company also uses Wasabi’s S3-compatible command line interface to integrate with Linux operations. Data upload is automated as much as possible, said Ahmad. “We have several methods for uploading files to Wasabi, ensuring that the data remains robust and reliable.”

“Given the global economic situation, price was the most important factor in choosing Wasabi.”

SilTerra sends three backup copies to Wasabi, each with a quarterly retention period per object. “The storage and backup solution with Wasabi and Nakivo allows SilTerra to quickly and easily store large amounts of data,” said Ahmad.”We are able to budget future storage needs predictably thanks to Wasabi’s fixed pricing. Wasabi’s pricing simplicity eliminates a lot of headaches.”

What’s next for SilTerra?

In the future, SilTerra hopes to take advantage of Wasabi’s lack of exit fees to access and restore data. “Downloading data wasn’t a critical factor for us when we implemented our solution, but Wasabi doesn’t charge extra exit fees to access data. I can already see how this will benefit us if needed,” said Ahmad.