Backup for Wasabi Cloud Storage with NAKIVO

With NAKIVO’s backup and replication solution you can send backups of VMs, physical machines and Amazon EC2 instances to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, a reliable, scalable and affordable public cloud platform.

Main features

Direct backups

Send backups and backup copies of data directly to Wasabi Cloud Storage

Storage layer

Keep a copy of off-site backups in the Wasabi cloud to eliminate a single point of failure

Instant VM start

Boot your VMs from backups stored in the Wasabi cloud for almost instant recovery

Workflow automation

Automate data protection tasks with predefined policies, backup scheduling and task chaining.

Flexible recovery options

Restore VMs and entire instances or recover files and application objects from cloud backups

Anti-Ransomware Protection

Protect the data stored on Wasabi against ransomware by activating immutability for a specific period of time

Advanced features of the NAKIVO software for Wasabi Backup

Direct backups for Wasabi

Sending backups and backup copies directly to Wasabi Cloud Storage. Protection of different virtual, physical and cloud environments, including:

  • VMs from VMware vSphere
  • VMware Cloud Director VMs and vApps
  • Microsoft Hyper-V VMs
  • Nutanix AHV VMs
  • Amazon EC2 instances
  • Windows servers and workstations
  • Linux servers and workstations

Maintaining a copy of the data in the cloud to eliminate a single point of failure and guarantee data recoverability in the event that the primary repository is unavailable.

Flexible recovery options

With NAKIVO, you have a range of recovery options to help you respond to machine failures and quickly restore data to meet strict recovery objectives:

  • Full recovery: Instantly boot VMs directly from compressed cloud backups to resume your workflow in minutes. For long-term use in a production environment, you can migrate the booted VM or perform a full VM recovery.
  • Granular recovery: Search for and restore individual application files, folders and objects for applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory and SQL Server from backups stored in Wasabi. Files and objects can be recovered to their original location or to a different machine.
  • Instant P2V migration. Recover physical servers and failed Windows or Linux workstations in a few minutes as VMware VMs with the Instant P2V Recovery feature, without reinstalling the OS and applications.

Resilience to ransomware

Activate immutability in Wasabi’s cloud storage to protect your backups from modification, deletion or encryption by ransomware. Immutable recovery points are locked for a specific period and not even the root user can shorten the retention duration or edit the data. With immutable backups, you can guarantee the availability and recoverability of your data in the event of a ransomware attack.

Automated data protection

Reduce administrative overhead and avoid gaps in retention policy by automating your data protection activities. Use the Calendar control panel to create a customized schedule that suits your data protection needs or run backups automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, avoiding overlaps. You can also define policy rules to automate the protection of production machines that match the selected parameters. In addition, the task chaining feature allows you to create automated sequences that include backup, backup copy or replication tasks, one after the other.

Reduced storage consumption

The NAKIVO solution allows you to reduce your consumption of storage space. This also reduces your storage costs, since you pay for each GB of data stored on Wasabi. Perform incremental backups using NAKIVO’s native or proprietary tracing technologies to quickly copy only the changed data blocks after the initial full backup. Backups can be compressed to further minimize their size and save additional storage space.

Efficient use of the network

Improve operational efficiency and offload your production network by sending backups to Wasabi. You can schedule backups to run outside office hours or activate advanced Bandwidth Throttling to limit bandwidth consumption when performing data protection activities. Keep your production network running smoothly while storing your backups in the cloud.