Office 365 Backup & Recovery with NAKIVO

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a unified solution for protecting physical, virtual and Cloud infrastructures with strict data protection requirements. NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows you to perfectly backup Microsoft Office365 environments.

Stay clear of ransomware

NAKIVO gives you complete control over your Microsoft 365 data with local backups. Keep a copy of your Microsoft 365 data offline and on-site to ensure that your backups are protected against cybersecurity threats.

Less Backup Time

Microsoft 365 backups are incremental after the initial full backup. For Exchange Online and Teams data, the solution relies on Microsoft’s native change tracking technology. This approach speeds up the identification of changes and the backup process.

Less Replication Time

The solution for Microsoft Office365 allows you to recover exactly what you need in seconds, without performing a full recovery of an entire user account. Simply choose the recovery point, browse the contents and choose the item and location where you want to recover it.

Find what you need easily

Whether you need to provide information to meet regulatory compliance requirements or satisfy e-discovery requests, the centralized view of your backups and advanced search capabilities make it easy to locate and retrieve the data you need from Microsoft’s on-site backups.

Simple Administration

Get a simple web interface and intuitive step-by-step wizards, making it easy to manage data protection for all your workloads, including Microsoft Office 365 data backup and recovery, from a single dashboard.

Flexible data retention

Set up flexible retention policies that give you complete control over your Microsoft 365 backup data. With up to 4000 recovery points that can be rotated daily, weekly, monthly or annually, you can store your backup data for as long as you need it.