Monitoring Solution for Virtual Environments

NAKIVO VMWare Monitoring 

Gain complete visibility into your VMware vSphere infrastructure with VMware Monitoring from NAKIVO. With this VMware vSphere monitoring tool, optimize the performance of your virtual environment and proactively troubleshoot problems. From a single pane of glass, monitor all key metrics: CPU, RAM, and disk utilization of VMware vSphere hosts, VMs, and datastores.

VMware Monitoring at a glance!

VMware Performance Management

Track the performance of your virtualization resources for early detection of potential problems

Better Planning Capability

Manage available compute and storage resources for your VMware vSphere hosts and VMs

Key Monitoring Metrics

Gain visibility into key metrics: physical and virtual CPU load/usage, virtual disk space utilization, and RAM load/usage

Better visualization

Pie and line graphs for easy visualization of current metrics and changes over time

Analyze performance trends

Analyze the performance of your VMware vSphere VM environment over time

Avoid Hardware Bottlenecks

Anticipate and combat potential resource shortages to avoid degradation of VM performance

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