Gain in-depth traffic insights with NetFlow monitoring and analysis

To really understand what is happening to your applications, you need proactive visibility that spans your hybrid network. Riverbed© NetProfiler uses full-fidelity network traffic flow monitoring to proactively identify and quickly troubleshoot performance and security issues. Easily answer bandwidth analysis questions like “How much traffic is being consumed?” “Who is using it?” “Where is it going?” and “How is traffic is being prioritized?”

The Benefits of Network Traffic Monitoring


Network performance today is inextricably linked to business performance. IT Ops needs to understand how degraded performance and security incidents affect end users, and ultimately the business. NetProfiler is a NetFlow analyzer that leverages behavioral analytics to baseline normal network behaviors, then alerts on changes that could affect user experience or indicate a security breach.

Migrating applications to the cloud can be complex and time consuming. NetProfiler automates the mapping of application transactions to their underlying infrastructure so that application definitions and their interdependencies are easily identified and accurate. This simplifies a whole range of IT change initiatives, including cloud migrations.

Ensuring networks have adequate resources to handle current and expected future bandwidth needs is essential. With Riverbed NetProfiler network traffic monitoring, you can gain insight into network capacity, utilization, performance, and traffic composition to ensure high performing application delivery. Understand how network traffic flows change over time to prevent unwelcome surprises that could affect users.

Get the same easy-to-use network traffic monitoring across on-prem, virtual, and multi-cloud environments. Simplify your hybrid troubleshooting and reduce your network and application blind spots by up to 53%.