DNS Filter

The solution that, using DNS filtering, protects against cyber threats such as phishing or malware.

Benefits of WebTitan:

  • Malware blocking: as well as phishing, ransomware and malicious websites;
  • Phishing blocking: active and emerging URLs, including zero-minute threats;
  • Filtering malicious content;
  • Flexible policies: different considerations for different environments;
  • BYOD security: companies’ commitment to providing free WiFi;
  • Operational regardless of the volume of use;
  • Control and protection reports;
  • Remote management and monitoring via API;
  • Better support;
  • Corporate email: protection against BEC;
  • Download of DNS requests in file format via API;
  • DNSSEC: reinforcement of DNS authentication through digital signatures based on cryptography;
  • OTG device exceptions using the user interface;
  • Real-time updates: emerging threats are immediately communicated.