Creating awareness of security

The only behavior-focused security awareness solution with real-time training.

Organisation Behaviour

Benefits of SafeTitan:

  • Behavior-based security: based on the actions of each professional;
  • Phishing simulation: fully automated attacks of different models;
  • Compliance: with ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, EU NIS and Cyber Essentials standards. Compatible with SCROM and LMS;
  • Gamification: interactive and dynamic training to increase professional productivity;
  • Reports: with ROI figures, 360º view of the business, phishing simulations, among other outputs;
  • Automatic campaigns: simplify your planning process by creating annual campaigns.

Other SafeTitan features:

  • Real-time intervention training: advanced platform combining security awareness and phishing simulations;
  • Reactive training: real-time identification of risky behavior. Exclusive to MSPs;
  • Integrations: with Microsoft solutions (Outlook, 365, Teams and Azure AD/ADFS/SSO/G-Suite);
  • Cybersecurity assessments: on the main practices;
  • Protection against email threats: phishing, ransomware, spoofing and CEO and BEC impersonations;
  • Simplified configuration and migration: for MSPs and SMBs;
  • Immersive experience: realistic pseudo-phishing.