PhishTitan is a state-of-the-art phishing protection and remediation solution developed by TitanHQ. The intelligent algorithm integrates directly with Microsoft 365, detecting and correcting sophisticated phishing attacks that may escape Microsoft. It is in these zero-day attacks where the real damage occurs, and which are currently ignored. Post-delivery remediation (PDR) allows all phishing emails to be removed from the user’s inbox, eliminating the risk immediately. PhishTitan’s intelligence data on email threats is unique in terms of visibility, coverage and accuracy.

Benefits of PhishTitan:

  • AI-driven analysis: multiple layers of analysis and detection models used to analyze the body of the email;
  • Post-delivery remediation: ability to instantly remove threats from multiple users’ inboxes at once;
  • URL rewriting: PhishTitan inspects and rewrites all URLs to identify links to malicious sites;
  • Click-time protection: the destination of links is analyzed and access blocked if deemed dangerous;
  • Banner notifications: through warnings displayed immediately if anomalies or suspicious activity are identified;
  • Native integration with Microsoft 365: API-based enhances EOP and MS Defender where they are needed most, providing unbeatable protection against phishing;
  • Detailed reports: presents threat data and analysis to help customers assess their risk profile;
  • Fast deployment: protection starts working in less than 10 minutes and is managed from a single interface;
  • Protection against spam and malware: state-of-the-art phishing protection and correction.

Why use PhishTitan with Microsoft 365?

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