SolarWinds management system software gives you instant visibility into all resources that can affect the performance of the application, with the following products:


Server & Application Monitor

Comprehensive server and application monitoring made simple

Virtualization Manager

Are you on the hunt for virtualization management software that’s powerful, affordable, and easy to use? SolarWinds award-winning virtualization management software delivers unified capacity planning, VM sprawl control, performance monitoring, configuration management, & chargeback automation across your entire VMware® and HyperV® infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive Virtualization Management – From VM to Spindle.
  • Real-time dashboards simplify Identification & troubleshooting of performance, capacity & configuration problems.
  • Identifies VM sprawl, helps you reclaim & optimize space & reduces licensing costs.
  • Integration with Server & Application Monitor provides application stack management from app to datastore.
  • All the functionality & more of other leading virtualization management tools – at a fraction of the cost.
  • Easy to download, deploy & use – start monitoring your VMs in less than an hour.
Storage Resource Monitor

Storage resource management reporting for health, performance, and capacity of multi-vendor storage

Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server

Enhance security and control over file transfers in and outside your organization

Serv-U File Transfer Protocol Server

Simple, affordable, easy-to-use FTP server software

Server Configuration Manager

Detect and compare configuration changes to your servers, databases, and applications

Log Analyzer

Easily investigate machine data to help identify the root cause of IT issues faster

Log Analyzer Datasheet
Access Rights Manager

Manage and audit access rights across your IT infrastructure

Application Performance Monitoring

Full-stack visibility into your application performance with AppOptics

Today’s hybrid and cloud-native environments require complete application performance monitoring (APM) and visibility into the health of key applications, their supporting infrastructure, and knowledge of issues that can impact the availability of key systems before they impact your users.
Web Perfomance Monitor

Website monitoring software built to find and fix internal and external site and app performance issues