Plans Code42 Next-Gen DLP

DLP Next-Generation CODE42 includes collecting, monitoring, searching, preserving, and retrieving data. All these services are for Terminals and Cloud Services that you choose.

File Collection
File Activity Collection
File Exfiltration Detection & Alerting
Link Sharing Detection
Search & Review Historical File Activity Data90 days of history
Search & Review Historical File Exfiltration Data90 days of history
Search & Review Historical Link Sharing Data90 days of history
Retrieve Historical FilesUnlimited history
Expanded file collection
Extended file retention for investigation, litigation, and compliance
Admin and self-service file recovery
Device migration of endpoint files
Support Plan
Gold Support

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac e Linux.

Cloude services: Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. A cloud service is included. There are more services available in the cloud for purchase.