Monitor. Alert. Prevent. 

AVTECH is a company specialized in the development and manufacture of environmental monitoring solutions in physical spaces. A leader in its field for the past 30 years, it has launched proactive space monitoring solutions that alert you to changes that may cause problems in Datacenters and facilities.

Do you know what happens in the Datacenter in your absence?

With Room Alert you can! It monitors environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, power, flooding or water leakage, smoke or fire, airflow, movement and much more and sends alerts if anomalies are detected in data centers or facilities.

Join the webinar and learn how you can help your customer anticipate unforeseen events in your business!

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The themes highlighted in the Webinar

Neglecting to monitor your client's business environment can lead to catastrophic and irremediable disasters. In this webinar we will explain to you how important it is to anticipate and act immediately. The solution is prevention before it is too late!
Business Continuity

Your client's company needs to predict and anticipate events that you don't think will happen!

How do changes in a given environment cause downtime?

While downtimes occur, company costs continue to pile up and this could lead to losing deals and losing profits. You must prioritize the monitoring of the business environment to avoid disasters!

Introduction to Room Alert

Room Alert monitors changes in data centers and facilities. There are several models available, with different sizes and types of installation.

Advantages and benefits of Room Alert

Room Alert provides instant notifications and real-time alerts of changes in the spaces being monitored. Provides logging and reporting to identify trends. It can trigger actions to help mitigate undesirable factors and anomalies.

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