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Maintaining high performance in your database has never been so simple!

With extensive experience in monitoring and optimizing databases, Solarwinds presents itself as the most affordable and effective solution for solving problems related to the essential services of an company.

Solarwinds solutions have enabled Database Administrators, DevOps, Developers and SysAdmins to receive insights about the performance of their databases and take the necessary actions immediately.

Instead of spending time identifying performance issues in your critical services, the Solarwinds platform (Hybrid Cloud Observability) does it for you.

Topics that will be covered:

Hybrid Cloud Observability (HCO): The most effective way to monitor your business services without needing a local server

- How to optimize the performance of your services, ensure their availability, and reduce remediation time, in cloud and on-premises environments?- How to anticipate problems and anomalies in your services, prioritizing actions?

The importance of having a unified monitoring platform for different databases

- How to monitor, diagnose, and optimize the performance of your database and data operations that drive your business-critical services?- The advantages of unifying visibility, control, and management of on-premise and cloud databases.

Our Speakers:



  • Solarwinds Corporate Presentation
    Alberto Arbizu, Regional Sales Manager | Solarwinds Iberia 
  • Reasons to Partner with Solarwinds
    Alberto Arbizu, Regional Sales Manager | Solarwinds Iberia 
  • Solarwinds Hybrid Cloud Observability Presentation
    Alberto Arbizu, Regional Sales Manager | Solarwinds Iberia 
  • Demo HCO
    Stélvia Calisto, IT Support |DSSI 
  • How to Create Business Oportunities
    Gonçalo Mello, Managing Partner | DSSI

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