Analyze the performance of your databases in the most effective and efficient way!

Data is an increasingly valuable asset for companies. As such, it is crucial that your databases are always operational and readily accessible.

Instead of spending time identifying performance issues on your database management platform (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, mySQL and SAP ASE), Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) does it for you.

This is an agile, scalable database tuning solution built to help users monitor, find and solve database performance issues.

By correlating database activity, wait times, SQL statements, application requests, and other dimensions, DPA can identify the exact cause of database slowdowns.

Topics that will be covered:

How to optimize the performance of your database?

- Identifying bottlenecks and their causes, in order to prioritize necessary actions | Proactive optimization of underperforming applications.

Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning

- Helping the Machine Learning algorithm to predict the waiting time and send alerts when performance is lower than expected.

Monitoring SQL databases with SQL Sentry

- How to maintain high performance for your Microsoft database by constantly monitoring and optimizing SQL Sentry.


  • DSSI Presentation and Partnership with Solarwinds
    Gonçalo Mello, Mananing Partner, DSSI
  • The Database Opportunity
    Frank Cabeza, Account Executive Database | Emerging Markets, Solarwinds
  • Database Portfolio – Value Proposition
    • DPA
    • SQL Sentry
      Mehdi Khayat, DB Senior Account Manager | NorthWest Africa&SouthWest Europe, Solarwinds 
  • Business Development Initiative
    • Build Partner Relationship
    • Deal Registration
    • Joint Account Mapping
    • Events/Webinars
      Mehdi Khayat, Frank Cabeza and Gonçalo Mello

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