Total Software Deployment

Remote and Automated Software Deployment

Total Software Deployment makes deploying software on any number of computers a blast. Software inventory management, automatic network scanning, and concurrent deployment of multiple types of installation packages make TSD a clear winner among remote deployment tools.

Simultaneous implementation with one click

Unlike the competition, this tool is compatible with advanced simultaneous implementation, being possible to install different packages on different computers at the same time. You can specify how many computers and how many packages per computer can be installed at any one time. Once the decision is made, just start the implementation with a single click.

Remote software uninstallation

You can also uninstall software remotely from one or more computers. The remote uninstall tool is compatible with packages implemented using Total Software Deployment or installed in any other way, allowing network administrators to control which software is required on the network and which have to be uninstalled.

Integrated Software Inventory Management

Total Software Deployment enables organization-wide visibility across network computers, maintaining a comprehensive list of software installed on all computers in your corporate network.

Automatic Inventory Scans

TSD automatically scans your network computers to build inventory lists. Computers and servers on your corporate network can be scanned without permanently installed agents; all you need is the administrator’s password. Scanned data will be categorized and organized automatically to build a comprehensive inventory of software installed on your local area network.

Flexible MSI & EXE Application Deployment

Ever wish for a system more flexible than Microsoft® deployment tools? Being restricted to deploying MSI packages is no fun. Total Software Deployment supports all types of installers including MSI and all popular third-party installers, enabling fully automated, silent deployment of just about any package.

Three Types of Deployment Methods

Not all installation packages are created equal. Some have pre-configured options for silent setup, while others may come with no support for automated deployment at all. TSD offers the choice of as many as three different methods of creating an automated deployment package for your network, allowing you to remotely deploy software products that were never meant to be.

And more…

Use the Assistant to quickly identify computers with outdated products, you can maintain deployment history, and do much more!