Retrospect Backup v18

Backup Less. Manage Less. Worry Less.

New Immutable Backups for Anti-Ransomware Protection, Executive Reporting, First Launch Redesign, Cloud Volumes, Cloud Deployment, Azure Support (18.1).

Retrospect Backup protects over 100 Petabytes in over 500 000 businesses in over 100 countries. With broad platform and application support, Retrospect protects every part of your computer environment, on-site and in the cloud. Start your first backup with one click.

Anti-Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks are increasingly sophisticated, having the capability of watching for cloud account credentials, deleting backups and cloud storage, then encrypting everything and demanding a ransom. It’s imperative to build defenses against this escalating attack. Retrospect Backup 18 makes it easy to add an immutable retention policy with Amazon S3.

Complete Data Protection

With cross platform support for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Retrospect offers business backup with system recovery, local backup, long-term retention, along with centralized management, end-to-end security, email protection, and extensive customization–all at an affordable price for a small business.

Cloud Backup

Theft and disaster have always been important reasons for offsite backups, but now, ransomware is the most powerful. Ransomware will encrypt the file share just like any other file. Retrospect integrates with over a dozen cloud storage providers for offsite backups, connects securely to prevent access from malware and ransomware, and lets you transfer local backups to it in a couple clicks.

Full System Recovery

Systems need the same level of protection as individual files. It takes days to recreate an operating system from scratch, with specific operating system versions, system state, application installations and settings, and user preferences. Retrospect does full system backup and recovery for your entire environment.

File and System Migration

Retrospect offers built-in migration for files, folders, or entire bootable systems, including extended attributes and ACLs, with extensive options for which files to replace if source and destination overlap. Every file is an exact clone, down to the byte.