Device Networking, Media Conversion, and IoT Connectivity

The many years of Perle’s market experience give to Perle a extended portfolio of networking solutions.

Perle’s line of solutions IOLAN SCS Console Servers, give what the Data Centers managers need – a secure local and remote management of the network infrastructure: routers, switches, firewall, Solaris servers, Windows, Unix and Linux; PBXA or any other device equipped with a serial port. The IT and Network Operations Center (NOC) have though the IOLAN SCS a secure access to easily execute the remote management of the Data Center and manage the out-of-hand IT actives.

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The SDS family is the best choice for connecting devices such as asynchronous modems, POS, printers and industrial equipment to Ethernet/IP networks.

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Install Pere’s line from 1 to 48 ports in minutes and experience the power of the IPV6 suport and of a wide range of security and criptograph tecnologies.

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Fiber Optic Convertors to Cobber enable the enlargement of the networks trough fiber optics at a maximum speed of 10 Gigabits Convertors from fiber to fiber enable the extension of multimode to single mode or multimode to multimode fiber connections to distances up to 160km. Benefits of Fiber to Fiber Optic convertors:

  • High band width
  • Electromagnetic Immunity
  • Longer distances

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Perle has over 734 models of Managed and Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches with the vast array of options including 10/100/1000 Ethernet, PoE and fiber.

Perle IDS Industrial-grade Ethernet Switches are specifically designed to stand up to extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shocks.

These rugged, yet easy to use, switches exceed the specifications of commercial switching products with Industrial safety certification and approval for Hazardous locations making them ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions.


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When you need to extend Ethernet services beyond the general IEEE 802.3 limits of 328ft / 100m, and new fiber cabling is cost prohibitive, Ethernet Extenders are the perfect solution.

Perle Ethernet Extenders transparently extend 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections across copper wiring. Perle has a wide variety of Ethernet Extenders to meet every need. To choose the best Ethernet over Copper Extender for your project.

  • Extend network distanced up to 10,000 feet ( 3 KM ) over 2-wire 24 AWG twisted pair
  • High-Speed – up to 200+ mbps aggregate bandwidth
  • Transparent operation for all Ethernet protocols including 802.1Q VLAN packets and IP video compression schemes

Advanced features: Link Pass-Through, Interlink Fault Feedback, Plug and Play, Auto-MDIX and Loopback


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