ownCloud provides 2 different types of subscriptions

ownCloud Standard and Enterprise Subscriptions are sold as annual subscriptions with options since 50 users. The Standard Subscription provides support for ownCloud Community Edition users, while the Enterprise Subscription additionally offers enterprise-only features and support packages that are detailed to fit your needs, as well as access to feature development and the branding to truly customize your ownCloud.


The OwnCloud Standard Subscription gives users the confidence that is runned based on a strong and stable solution with a world-class support of OwnCloud experts behind their deployment. This subscription is ideal for professional users who are looking for a supported, file access solution and don’t require OwnCloud enterprise features and applications. As needs change, customers can easily upgrade or modify their OwnCloud Subscription to meet their unique needs.


OwnCloud Enterprise Subscriptions cover the server, enterprise apps, desktop client and mobile applications – the entire OwnCloud solution. The Enterprise Edition builds on the OwnCloud Server, adding OwnCloud certifications and enterprise applications to ensure the software is ready for use in the most demanding enterprise environments.

The OwnCloud Commercial License applies to the OwnCloud Core and the OwnCloud Enterprise Modules, is included with the Enterprise Subscription and allows users to make code changes while keeping your own intellectual property secret, when you choose so.

OwnCloud holds rights to the OwnCloud Enterprise Edition which enables OwnCloud to license the code to customers under commercial terms. This, combined with the support, tools and influence that come with an OwnCloud subscription, enables you to succeed in securing your data with OwnCloud.


Standard Subscription

Enterprise Subscription

LicenseAGPLv3 (Must share customizations with Community)ownCloud Commercial License for ownCloud Server Core and Enterprise Modules
Enterprise Applications✔️
Support8×5 email support12×5 global email and phone support
Mobile AppsNon-branded available for purchase at Apple Store and Google PlayiOS and Android apps included; may be branded
Price per yearFrom 50 usersFrom 50 users