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KEMP360 - Centralized and Monitoring

The KEMP 360™ application delivery framework offers a single point for control, analysis and diagnosis of key application metrics and drives operational efficiencies with increased visibility, centralized management and reduced resolution times.

The KEMP 360 framework includes KEMP 360 Central™, a single pane of glass for management of application delivery infrastructures and the KEMP 360 Vision™ service which delivers proactive alerting and diagnosis to minimize or even eliminate the impact of issues in the application delivery infrastructure.

Anywhere Application Visibility and Control

KEMP360 provides centralized visibility on application delivery across all hosting platforms including data centre, private cloud, IaaS, PaaS and public cloud.

From a single point, application owners have access to all their key application performance metrics while the infrastructure managers have the visibility and controls to easily monitor and manage the application delivery stack.