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KEMP 360 Vision

KEMP 360 Vision™ is a proactive application delivery infrastructure monitoring service delivered 24/7/365 by KEMP Customer Support. The service collects key application availability, reachability and performance metrics and in the event of a defined limit being breached will initiate a notification and remediation process.

The service provides an easily digestible snapshot of issues, events and workload availability along with consolidated reporting across all application workloads.

KEMP360 Vision's features and benefits:

  • Application availability measurement and reporting
Immediately leverages the skills and knowledge of the KEMP Customer Support team for quicker identification, diagnosis and resolution of issues.
  • Proactive issue escalation
Identify issues early enabling resolution before the end user experience is impacted.
  • 24/7 monitoring by KEMP Support
Reduce application support costs as KEMP support team deliver round the clock coverage of application delivery resources.
  • Predefined thresholds and events
Ensures coverage of the widest possible range of application, network and ADC metrics.
  • Application availability measurement and reporting
Avoid complex, time-consuming, manual and error-prone SLA measurement with integrated availability and performance reports.