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KEMP 360 Central

KEMP 360 Central™ provides centralized management and control of application delivery assets enabling reduced operational overheads and improved application uptime.

From a single interface, KEMP 360 Central provides application owners and network managers with a unified view of the status and performance of the application delivery infrastructure enabling rapid detection of issues and reduced management effort.

KEMP360's Features and benefits:

Centralized Application Delivery Management 

Reduced administration effort with group management of application delivery controllers from a single interface. 

Manage across Hybrid environments

Seamless control of hybrid environments encompassing on-premise, cloud and hosted scenarios.

Real-time performance and capacity metrics

Quickly identify and resolve capacity and performance issues.

Real-time analysis of SDN traffic flows

Simplify the identification of network issues impacting on application delivery.

ADC configuration management

Consistent application of policies and configurations with reduced implementation errors.

Application delivery dashboard

Improve error detection and resolution with real-time visibility of key application metrics and status.

Quickly deploy ADC instances

Reduce time-to-market with agile deployment and enablement of DevOPS processes.