K7 Security

Cybersecurity without complications

K7 Security, as a cybersecurity provider, is here to help your business!

The protection of a company’s intellectual property and the security of customer data are good business practices.  However, the cost of implementing, managing and maintaining commercial IT management, as well as security control can be a cost for any developing and future business.

The best endpoint and anti-malware server solutions implemented within the enterprise must find the balance between proactive threat detection, management capability, performance, and operational cost.

Why choose K7 Security?

Award Winning Anti-Malware

Protect endpoints and servers from viruses, ransomware, phishing, APTs, and zero-day attacks.

Minimum Impact, Maximum Protection

Low hardware requirements avoid expensive upgrades and extend life of older services.

Multiple Daily Updates

Frequent daily definition updates ensure protection against the latest cyberthreats.

Web Filtering

Block malicious websites and improve productivity with category-based website acess control.

Application Control

Exercise centralised control over who can use which version of which application.


Granular firewall with integrated HIDS stops intrusions and monitors all data flowing in and out of the enterprise network.

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