Did you know that 30% of all downtime, data loss, and damage an organization will face is due to environmental factors?

Monitor, Alerts… Logging, Graphing… Overview, Reports… Map, Management, Reports…

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Neglecting to monitor the environmental factors of your business can lead to catastrophic and irremediable disasters. In this webinar we will explain to you how important it is to anticipate and take preventive action against environmental factors.The solution is prevention before it is too late!
Business Continuity

Your company needs to predict and anticipate events that you don't think will happen!

How do Environmental Factors cause Downtime?

While downtimes occur, your company's costs continue to pile up and make it possible to lose business and profits. You need to prioritize monitoring your business environment to avoid disaster!

Introduction to Room Alert

Room Alert monitors the environmental conditions in your business. There are several models available, with varying options for size or type of installation.

Vantagens e benefícios do Room Alert

Room Alert provides real-time notification and alerts of environmental changes in your business, has logs and reports to identify trends, and can trigger actions to help mitigate undesirable environmental factors and anomalies.

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